Westfield Senior Citizens Housing

Westfield I Building

Westfield 1

1133 Boynton Avenue
Westfield, NJ 07090
(908) 233-5898

The First Westfield Senior Citizens Housing Development, located at 1133 Boynton Avenue, Westfield, NJ, was planned and built by the Westfield Senior Citizens Housing Corporation (non-profit). The facility was under discussion and planned for over ten years. Construction of the 172-unit complex commenced in September of 1976, and the first units were occupied in November of 1977. Rent subsidies have been awarded by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. The Board of Trustees of the corporation oversees the development and sets policy, subject to the requirements of Federal and State laws and regulations which affect all aspects of the facility, including tenant eligibility, subsidy eligibility, rental charges, maintenance and general administration.

The facility evolved from efforts by several Westfield churches and a series of study committees appointed by and reporting to Mayors of the Town. It is built on land owned by the Town of Westfield and leased to the Corporation. In accordance with the lease agreement with the Town of Westfield, the purpose of the project is to serve the needs of low-income senior citizens.

The building, on a 10-acre site on Boynton Avenue, southeast of its intersection with Sycamore Street, is a short distance from Central Avenue and the South Side Fire House. It is in the shape of an "H", three stories high, of brick-veneer masonry construction.

The 172 units are as follows:

  • 4 two-bedroom
  • 132 one-bedroom
  • 36 efficiencies

The building has been specifically designed to accommodate the needs of senior citizens. Three elevators and low- incline ramps make climbing stairs unnecessary. Grab-rails in the bathroom, emergency response alarms, wheelchair width doorways, and easy to read and individually controlled thermostats are among the senior-oriented features. Some of the units have been specifically designed for wheelchair-bound residents. 

Westfield Senior Citizens Housing does not provide services associated with a long-term care facility. We do not have a resident medical staff. All residents must be capable of caring for themselves as they would in any other house or apartment, or be willing to access those services needed to live safely in this setting. Limited supportive services may be brought in by the individual resident, when their needs warrant them. The management and staff are sensitive to the individual needs of the residents.

In addition to housing, WSCH provides its residents with a host of services including activities, transportation, a wellness nurse, and social services. The building has been awarded a grant by the State of New Jersey to provide "congregate services" for residents, which includes evening meals served in our dining room, as well as housekeeping, and personal assistance and medication assistance provided by a contracted agency. The building has its own mini-store, which provides residents with convenience items, such as snacks and household goods.

Westfield Senior Citizens Housing is not currently accepting applications or new names to their existing waiting list as the waiting list has become quite long. The waiting list for the building opens approximately every three to five years and is highly publicized in all area newspapers. Again, management is currently prohibited from accepting any new names to the current, extensive, waiting list.

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Apartment Floorplans

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Eligibility Requirements

To be considered for tenancy, the following criteria must be met:

  • Applicants for each apartment must be 62 years of age or older.
  • Income eligibility standards, established by the Department of Housing and Urban Development at the time of application, must be met.
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Waiting List

There is currently a waiting list for this building. When the list reopens, applications will be distributed and accepted during a 2-week period. These dates will be announced in the Westfield Leader, the Star Ledger, the Suburban News and other local newspapers.

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Tenant Selection

The responsibility for the tenant selection policy rests with the Westfield Senior Citizens Housing Corporation, and is done in accordance with Federal and State regulations and guidelines. This is an equal opportunity housing facility.

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Rent is approximately 30% of your monthly income.

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Contact Information

Any inquiries regarding Westfield Senior Citizens Housing may be directed to the management office as follows:

Executive Director: Elizabeth Fennik, 908-233-5898