Frequently Asked Questions

Are the apartments big enough for a husband and wife?

Are these "regular" apartments with a private kitchen and private bathroom?

Can I apply to other housing while I am on the waiting list?

Can I have a pet?

Can I keep my car?

Can I own a home and still move in?

Can I still work and live there?

Do I have to spend all of my money before I can be offered an apartment?

Do you have storage space available for residents?

Does the rent ever increase?

How long is the lease?

I already live in subsidized housing. Can I still apply?

I am in a wheelchair. Can I still get an apartment?

I do not qualify for this type of housing based on my age, but I am permanently disabled? Can I still apply?

Is it a safe place to live?

Is this a nursing home or assisted living?

What about air conditioning?

What else is included in the rent?

What if I am offered an apartment and I do not want to take it right away?

What is the difference between the two buildings?

Will I get my choice of which apartment I want to move into?

Will I get to see the actual apartment I will be offered before I sign the lease?